Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrustmaster T500 RS Problem : Lost connection, and recalibrating midgame

Hi All,

I want to share my experience of using T500RS for the first time. This problem is based on my own experience I think it's worth sharinig.

The Subject
1. Thrustmaster T500RS version 3, stock firmware.
2. Wheel set hardmounted to local made custom cockpit
3. Pedal set put on GT style (inverted), also hardmounted
4. Playing on Gran Turismo 5 latest update, PS3 Fat 60GB

The Symptoms are:
1. While using Ferrari F2007, during hard braking, suddenly the wheel set lost connection. No pedal responses, no wheel response either. 5 seconds later the wheel recalibrate itself (rotating full CCW, full CW and to the center), and I can continue the game. However the problem repeat again with hard braking
2. The next day, I try again with same condition as above, plus this time I put voltage Stabilizer, no luck.. same result. Tried with other car, same result. The problem occurs during sudden hard braking. I've proven this by trying not to brake suddenly. I managed 3/4 of nurburgring when I have to avoid the spinning AI 
3. New symptom observed, after lost connection, the wheel trying to recalibrate again, but it keep rotating back and forth endlessly. I've read this symptom before somewhere in this thread.

I've mailed Thrustmaster, posted on GT Planet, and posted on T500RS facebook page. Within 24 hours I received email reply from this gentlemen Alex and refer me to download the latest firmware. Nice to have response , However i decided to go as long as i can. Due to I'm in Indonesia and it's a slim chance to return the wheel.

The process of troubleshooting seems just straightforward (lucky me). I went straight to inspect the pedals because i thought that's where the problem came from. surprisingly I found this faulty cable

Pinched Cable

That cable must have been pinched without my knowledge. So I re-spliced that cable and tested it. viola!!! problem solved. The T500RS performed flawlessly.
I guess that pinched cable must have short-circuited the connection. Any of you fellow T500 RS Users who have the same problem might have a look at your cabling condition.

As with the pedal design itself, it is very easy to make the same mistake because cable came out from the edge of the pedal. Knowing how much weight of that pedal set, the cable wont last long if it trapped beneath the pedal.

I think Thrustmaster should revise the pedal cabling configuration so it reduce possibility of being pinched, there are a lot of safe cable outlet alternatives. For me, i just taped the cable on the side of pedal panel.

That's it guys, have fun and take care 

Next post i will review this wheel. So, stay tuned.

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