Friday, May 6, 2011

omDidit Racing Cockpit Transformation Part 2

Okay, another update.

the buttkicker finally arrived:

and I rearranged my cockpit, now in the front room.

Ohya, forgot to mention: i put an extension for headphone cable, ended near the shifter.

Next step: 
fabricating bracket for buttkicker amp 
add proper holder for the buttkicker
find a neat cabling solution for the buttkicker (you know, too much cable in the buttkicker package)

Picture paints a thousand words

Buttkicker bracket under the seat. And I made the seat frame detachable.

This is the front end

And this is the seat end. oops little thing i forgot is the shifter bracket come with the seat frame. It should have come with the front end. Now it become cup holder

Actually, those pics a bit old. Now i'm on my way to complete my T500RS setup with the same frame.

Stay tuned for update.

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