Monday, May 30, 2011

Logitech G25 / G27 handbrake mod (1)

Hi all, I want to share what we have done during PSN outage last month.
Let me start with handbrake mod. In GT5 by default we use “circle” button as handbrake, so basically we need some lever to replace this button operation. The cabling and soldering has been done inside the shifter’s housing. Take the jumper and cable it outside, it would be like this picture
You can see there are two cables going outside the casing now. One for normal cable and another one for the handbrake switch.

Now, we need some lever that pushes a switch and it will be operate as a handbrake. One of my friend using unused old Logitech wingman joystick as the lever.

And this is my latest design for the handbrake lever. It is placed just beside the original shifter casing.

More pictures and shots of the internals are coming.


  1. Wow cool.

    I want one... wait i already ordered it....


  2. do you sell this mod or would you do a custom order?

    plz email


  3. Omdit, please reply :)

  4. 0funheQon_ba Ivan Hindiyeh link