Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GTIC - Team Battle

GTIC Team Battle Proposal

With the spirit of friendship and networking, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are GTIC, Gran Turismo Indonesia Community, a small group of GT players from Indonesia. Gran Turismo 5 had attract a lot of player ranging from casual gamers to hardcore sim-racers, and here we are, mixture of GT5 players from around Indonesia. There are a lot of GT5 players around Asia, some of us might have met before in random online lobbies for months, and after 1 year since its release date, careless drivers become less and most of those who regularly online are the ones who seek racing/driving pleasure and measure up against each other.
We think now is the time to start our journey across Asia, to seek out new people, new community, and new friendship, and get the driving pleasure along the way. We are proposing a friendly match between GTIC and your team, with details as follow:

   1.      This match is currently between 2 teams only

   2.      Team structure
a.      Each team consist of 6 user. 5 of them will be racing and 1 will be spectator. Backup /substitute player is allowed with notice prior to race day.
b.      All team member name /ID must be registered 3 days prior race day.
c.       Each team nominate 1 spokesperson for coordination.
d.      PSN ID team tag is preferable, in case your team doesn’t have any tag, all team member MUST be from the same country, proven by their flag. In case of your team is multi-nationals, all user have to be registered prior to race.

   3.      Home and Away system
a.      This team battle will adopt “home-and-away” system.
b.      Each team may choose their home track and regulation.
c.       Team currently at home turn, will host the race, thus able to be in charge of the track, regulation setting, and assist setting.
d.      Home race track, game setting (assists), and race setting (laps, damage, etc) and car regulation is the authority of respective team.
e.      To enhance the competition, 30-60 minutes race is encouraged.
f.        Race regulation must be submitted one week prior race day, by filling attached Team Registration Form. The form already filled with example for reference. The registration form can be downloaded from this link 

   4.      Race Day
a.      Race day schedule is subject for agreement between both teams. However, GTIC encourage the race day to be held at Saturday nights.
b.      Race may be held at either open lobby or private lounge.
c.       To test connection all players must enter the room 45 minutes prior to race start. To ensure proper connection, 1-2 lap test race may be held to observe any lag behavior.
d.      Starting grid will be based on qualifying time trial. Once the players are presents and the schedule is met, host may select the home track and set “auto race cycle’ to 15 minutes, and all players may enter the track and do the hot lap.

   5.      Racing rules
a.      Both teams will only race with respect and care.
b.      For standardized rules and guidelines, we will adopt from GTPlanet as the most common reference.
c.       Please bear in mind that this is a friendly race, and we are here to have some fun together.
d.      Home team is entitled to set racing regulation (tire, assists, penalty, damage), track and number of laps. It is encouraged to set a race that will last for about 1 hour.

   6.      Race Result
a.      Disconnection from an ongoing race will cause a player to lose his position, hence points.
b.      Race finish delay to be set at 180 sec to accommodate backmarkers finishing the face.
c.       Final race classification will be based on host’s display. Host to take a screen shot of the result on his screen.
d.      This is a team battle, team points will be accumulation of its member points during a race.

   7.      Team battle result.
a.      Each driver entitled for points upon finishing the race, and that point will be accumulated among team member as team point.
b.      Points will be awarded by the following format (refer to F1 2010 season)

c.       Team with the most points at the end of team battle will win.
d.      There will be acknowledgement for player with the most point.
e.      In the event of equal total point between two drivers, the one who achieve higher finish among the races will be placed above the other.
f.        In the event of equal total point between two teams, the team which member was reaching higher position will be declared the winner.

good luck.. and have fun