Monday, August 12, 2013

How to dismantle Thrustmaster T500 RS and replace faulty fan

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I put this here for easier documentation.

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So I've completed the fan upgrade. At this point I am still using the stock fan at the top case because the silenx fan I bought ended up being too thick. Please be sure to purchase a 60x60x20mm fan for the replacement of the stock one. The silenx is about 25mm. One can go to 80x80x20, but you would need to cut of the screw pegs from the inside of the top cover. Just to give an idea of the upgrade, I now run the wheel at 10 in GT5 (wow btw) and running Nur, the stock fan turns on 2 and a half laps in. Which in short means, the other three fans are keeping it cool enough for 2.5 laps at strength 10 of Nur.

What you need:
small phillips screwdriver
wire cutter/stripper
soldering iron
good quality foam double sided tape
super glue (gel)
multimeter (if you want to find a different 12v lead)
electric tape

***please note. this is just a guide to give people an idea of how upgrade the cooling in the T500rs, which in my opinion is horrible at OEM/stock level. If you fry something, I take no responsibility. Be smart, take your time, google and youtube is your friend.*** 

First thing first. Fan size is really important because of room inside the case. The HD cooler fans I bought on a whim ended up being really good 1. in getting fresh air in 2. to get the right side of the motor cooled. I think they are 50x50x10mm. If replacing the top fan (stock fan), which was what started all of this, you need a 60x60x20mm and no thicker. This size is actually a little difficult to find.

I suggest using the official TM manual to remove the casing. My opinion is that its much easier to work with the wheel with the steering wheel on. Just don't move the base too much like this.

First take off all the screws (red arrows)
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Take off the top cover and unscrew the one screw, take out the small bolt with tweezers. I've also dremeled in more vent holes at the top.
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If you have the steering wheel sitting like this, pull the bottom cover toward you and it should pop off. Undo all the screws shown by the thick red arrows.
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Again undo the screws shown. Do not forget the two front face screw, they are black, one on each side.
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Now is the hardest part, gently prying the top off. Be very careful in doing this, I suggest having it pop of slightly and then slide the cover off up and towards you. Basically you don't want to hook this little circuit board on the back of the top motor. Just have patience in doing this part and you'll be fine.
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Once everything is off, you need to mount your fan/fans how you want, solder everything up and you're golden. TIP!!!! If you want any of the fans to be controlled by the thermal sensor, just splice the ground of your extra fan into the ground of the main fan. Its this ground that controls the thermal sensor...control? Please note that the 12v lead that I chose to run of, is a constant on lead, meaning that the fans attached to it are running even when the wheel is off (but plugged in). If you want the fans only to turn on when the wheel is on, either use the main fan socket, or use a multimeter to find a 12v lead that only has voltage when the wheel is ON.

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Hope this helps anybody undertaking a similar project.