Sunday, February 27, 2011

omDidit Racing Cockpit Transformation

hello all,

Please allow me share my experience, I was a fan of Gran Turismo since the first game
I always play it using controller, until I got my first wheel, Logitech G25.
This is how it started:

I was excited when I recieved the wheel, and use any kind of think that can mount it. I found this garden table is quite good. So I use it

Then came along GT5P, more fun races i experience using wheel. But the problem is, this table is so light that it moves around during strong steering movement. :( I couldnt even learn to drift :(

btw, i bought G27 knowing thai it have smooth steering movement. So, G25 back to box, G27 up on the table, while i'm thinking of fabricating a decent cockpit setup.

So, here we go.. i just googling around and look for a design that fit to my taste. It started with Sparco GT cockpit as reference, but I raise the seat a bit up, to match driving position of saloon car, rather than open wheeler :)

This is half done. i put more support plate on the bending because I plan to mount th TV on this cockpit also.

Finished painting .. do you think my son will like this new toy?

installed seat, the G27 and cables

now this is almost done. Mounted the 32"LED TV..

and now I'm fabricating the holder for PS3 console.
I'm planning to mount it under the steering wheel, and the back of PS3 will be aligned with the back of TV.
And the get all the wiring tidy up.

now currently this rig is becoming prototype of further production
It can be seen at this blog


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